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Unlocking the full potential of
smartphone cameras with GLASS AI
Revolutionary Neural ISP Technology

Custom Neural ISP

Elevating your camera hardware with tailor-made AI
GLASS AI is a profound evolution in computational photography. Tailored specifically to each camera model, our neural networks learn to reverse lens aberrations, sensor effects and noise, delivering previously unimaginable detail and clarity efficiently on the edge.
Neural ISP
Our Neural Image Signal Processing block receives sensor RAW data and reverses lens and sensor imperfections to deliver unmatched image quality like never before, even in the most demanding conditions.
Neural Zoom
Our Neural Zoom block uses a burst of RAW frames to provide true zoom functionality on any lens with unmatched detail and clarity.
Neural Night
Our Neural Night block delivers exceptional denoising capabilities and produces remarkably clear images in the darkest conditions while maintaining a pleasing natural look.
We work with OEMs to train and seamlessly deploy our GLASS AI modes on existing smartphone camera hardware.

Co-Designed AI + Optics

Delivering a new paradigm of camera performance by fusing
Novel Optical Design Architectures and Custom Neural ISP Technology.
Compact camera systems face an uphill battle against physics. Excessive noise and cross pixel leakage plague high-resolution image sensors. Even the most advanced optical systems suffer from imperfections like blur, color aberration and distortion.
GLASS AI reverses these effects and even replaces physical optical elements, relieving constraints during lens design optimization and revealing entirely unique families of optical designs. All while running at breathtaking speed on edge devices.

Larger Sensor

We squeeze a sensor twice the size of the largest smartphone sensors on the market into an ultra thin module that fits perfectly into a mobile device without the need for protruding bumps.

Natural Bokeh

Our lens apertures are up to 10x larger than current smartphone lenses on the market, producing beautiful natural bokeh.

Low Light Performance

Our lenses take in up to 10x more light than current smartphone cameras, dramatically improving SNR in low-light conditions.
We partner with OEMs to create our Co-designed GLASS AI + Optics systems to desired specifications for launch in future smartphones