Glass Imaging Raises $2.2M to Deliver DSLR Image Quality to Smartphones Through Advanced Optics and Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco, CA - Glass Imaging, a company founded by former Apple employees that developed Apple’s multi-camera technologies such as: “portrait mode” and other key multi-camera technologies announces today the raise of $2.2M in seed funding, led by LDV Capital with the participation from angel investors.​​

Glass Imaging will revolutionize the power of tiny camera modules that fit in smartphones and other compact electronic devices, enabling unrivaled professional image quality in a pocketable form factor, without the size and weight of DSLR/mirrorless designs. These leaps are made possible by combining novel advanced optical designs with the power of modern deep learning / AI algorithms, using a complementary approach

“By rethinking the optical system from the ground up to be tailor-made for smartphones, we managed to fit huge CMOS sensors that collect around 9x more light than traditional designs,” says Ziv Attar, the company’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Our state-of-the-art AI algorithms seamlessly correct all the distortions and aberrations and as a result, smartphone image quality is radically increased, up 10x.” Ziv Attar previously founded LinX Imaging which was acquired by Apple in 2015, and at Apple led the development of the iPhone’s “portrait mode” technology

At Apple, Ziv met Glass Imaging’s co-founder and CTO – Dr. Tom Bishop who has years of academic research, worked at several technology companies and has multiple patents on computer vision and computational photography. “At Glass Imaging, we aim to offer similar image quality of bulky professional DSLR & Mirrorless cameras – ultra-high-resolution detail, dynamic range, low-light clarity, color and tone accuracy – but in a dramatically smaller, thinner form factor."

“The market and consumers want a lightweight, compact but high-quality camera, together with the advantages of the smartphone user experience, connectivity and instant sharing. Our advanced neural networks are co-evolved with our uniquely efficient compact optics to close the quality gap between the typical tiny sensors found on flagship smartphones and those 20-30x larger in full-frame cameras. Our approach will enable a higher quality user experience and make sure everyone can preserve their best photographic memories without compromises.” says Dr. Bishop.

Greg Gilley, Apple’s former VP of cameras and photos, and Prof. Ramesh Raskar from MIT Media Lab serve as the company’s advisors.

Glass Imaging has functioning prototypes and is preparing to start pilots with strategic partners. The new funding will be used to expand the technical team, deliver prototypes to pilot customers and create mass-producible versions of this groundbreaking technology.

“The Glass Imaging team impressed us from day one. We are thrilled to partner with them to deliver exponentially higher quality image capture to small devices that fit in everyone’s pocket. I can’t wait to have the imaging quality of a high-end DSLR camera in my smartphone,” says Peter Stern, Venture Partner at LDV Capital.

Sample images captured side by side with iPhone 13 Pro Max Portrait Mode:

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About Glass Imaging
Glass Imaging is creating a deep learning and advanced optics technology that will deliver DSLR image quality to smartphones and thin devices. The company is co-founded by serial entrepreneurs Ziv Attar and Dr. Tom Bishop. Both co-founders have previously worked together at Apple, where among other accomplishments, they perfected the “portrait mode” created by Ziv Attar while in his previous company LinX Imaging.

About LDV Capital
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